Chesapeake & Ohio High-side Gondola
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This version of the high-sided gondola has the notched heap shields as manufactured by American Car & Foundry (ACF). The photo of the car shows the radial-end version, but the second photo shows the ends that come with this particular kit.

300 of these cars were built in 1953. They marked the end of C&O's building of their gondola fleet. Used primarily for hauling coal, they were also used as general gondolas hauling many types of loads. The last of these gondolas were scrapped in the 1980s. The cars were 40 feet long, weighed 50 tons, and had 5-foot high sides. The unique shape of the ends allowed for maximum coal loads.

The kit consists of a cast resin frame and sides, a cast resin inner floor, and cast resin ends. Included are a lead weight, grab irons, brake details, and several other details. Decals for both early and late schemes are also included. The kit does not come with trucks or couplers.
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