Pre-Size Model Specialties is owned by Steve Wolcott and his wife Linda. It is located in Paonia, Colorado. If you wish to contact us, see the contact us page.

Steve bought Pre-Size Model Specialties in 2014 from the previous owner, Norman Rockwell, who had started it in 1989. Since then Steve and Linda have been working hard to not only maintain the original product line, but also to expand it. New products are routinely introduced for any of the major model railroading scales. We also now carry tree armatures and freight car kits.

At the 2019 NASG Convention, Pre-Size Model Specialties won the prestigious NASG "Charlie Sandersfeld Memorial Manufacturer's Award". This annual award provides recognition to a company for its efforts in supporting and promoting S-scale model railroading.

We won this award specifically for the TTX 60' flat car kit released in late 2018. The effort in producing this kit includes support provided by Jim Kindraka and Scott MacKenzie, to whom Steve wishes to say "Thank you!". Jim Kindraka took the photo below of Steve and Linda accepting the award. Linda is holding a finished model of the S-scale TTX car.

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