Harriman (Arch) Passenger Car Roof
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The Harriman (or Arch) roof is designed to fit the American Models' 72-foot heavyweight passenger cars (not included!).

The roof has rivet and seam detail, and is cast in high-quality resin.

These roofs were used on cars of the following railroads: SP, UP, IC, C of G, RI, WP, D&RGW, Alton, CN, CP, and several Mexican roads. The SP used them from 1909 until 1980, and the IC until the 70s. Cars that had these types of roofs were coaches, diner cars, observation cars, baggage cars, and a variety of combination baggage cars (coach, RPO, auto, horse, club).

Our free shipping policy applies to these roofs!

Photos show example American Models car body installations (not included). Be sure to check out our Globe (PS519) and Utility Vents (PS518), available separately for detailing your roofs.

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