Welcome to our new web site! We manufacture urethane cast tunnel portals, retaining walls, abutments, culverts, bridge piers, and much more for all the popular model railroading scales. We invite you to browse our product line below.

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Due to the HUGE success of offering free shipping with our products, all orders over $25* will be shipped free of charge. Reduced shipping costs for international orders.
*(excludes tree armatures; excludes dealers)


Our products are made of high-quality resin, which is very strong, almost unbreakable. They may be colored or stained with everything from dry powders to any paint (after thorough washing). Many are used right from the package because they already look like weathered wood, concrete, or rock.


We now carry tree armatures. These are mostly sagebrush twigs, with a few saltbush. Each one is different, so they are individually photographed and numbered. Since these are one-of-a-kind armatures, they are subject to prior sale. Please note that these are shipped at actual cost (you will be notified of the shipping cost before your order is actually processed).

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Feel free to contact us at any time. For a little bit more info about our company, we have added an About Us page.


Dealers can now conveniently order online via our password-protected Dealer Portal. To establish a new dealer account we will need your contact and shipping information, and a copy of your resale license (more dealer terms-of-sale are found on the Dealer Portal page, or contact us for more info).

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Even though we don't handle financial transactions directly on this site (we use PayPal for that), it is still best, for your own privacy, to browse a web site securely. To do so with our web site, be sure to use the secure version https://www.pre-size.com/ of our web site (note the letter "s").

Our Product Line

We encourage you to purchase our products from your dealer. However, if your dealer doesn't stock our products, you may purchase our products online via this web site.

Recent Announcements

December 5, 2021: By request, we now have a reproduction of the old Cliff Line S-scale tunnel portal available, part # PS529. Reproduced with permission by Clover House who now owns the Cliff Line product line.

October 14, 2021: We are pleased to announce our latest S-scale freight car kit, which is a 50-foot SP automobile box car (instructions updated on Nov. 21, 2021).

August 24, 2021: We now have available the new HO-scale "Broken Granite Deck Bridge Abutment with High Back" abutment, PS161.

June 26, 2021: We are announcing brand-new S-scale freight car details, namely the PS558 5/4 auto box car ends, the PS559 5/3 auto box car ends, and the radial Dreadnaught hopper ends Type 1 (PS560) and Type 2 (PS561).

May 22, 2021: We have the Dressed Stone Abutment Walls (PS654) available for S- and O-scale.

April 2, 2021: We are announcing the O-scale Dressed Stone Double Bridge Abutment (PS653) to our product line-up.

February 22, 2021: Introducing coil covers PS592 for the S-scale SSA Thrall gondola.

December 13, 2020: Introducing our new coil covers, PS591, which match our S-scale 52' Greenville gondola kit.

December 2, 2020: New, and in stock are the "Broken Face Granite" bridge abutments for HO-scale, for S-scale, and for On3. We also have their matching bridge pier for HO-scale, for S-scale, and for On3.

We also accept checks and money orders. Please allow time for the check to clear our bank.

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